The Fox and the Tiger

One day in the woods an archer most skillful
Shot without fail at the tame and the willful,
So that all the beasts in very great dismay
Fled with much haste, when again he came their way.
The tiger, however, told them not to fear,
For all harm he did, the archer would pay dear.
"Never be afraid of a hunter like that;
Why, I will fight with him in single combat!"
Scarce had he spoke when an arrow struck his ribs,
Which made poor tiger look as if he told fibs.
Then the fox asked him, looking at him slyly:
"Don't you think that archer a bit too wily?"
"Oh," replied the tiger, writhing with great pain,
"That I was mistaken now seems much more plain."
Don't boast of your power all fights to settle,
'Till you have tested your enemy's mettle.

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