The Fox and the Stork

perry 426

A fox once invited a stork to dinner,
Not to treat the stork, but himself, old sinner!
For he had the soup put in a large flat dish,
Though he knew very well the stork was no fish.
The stork could insert but the tip of his bill,
But the wily old fox had soon eaten his fill.
The stork, not deigning this rude treatment to spurn,
This hospitality resolved to return.
Determined the fox should not appear richer,
Selected to eat from a long-necked pitcher,
Which he soon had filled with the choicest mince meat,
Then invited the fox to sit by and eat.
The fox, not being framed for food thus to wrestle,
Had to lick up what ran out down the vessel.
The fox now, I am very happy to state,
Soon had the stork's joke quite well fixed in his pate.
When ill-treating others, some folks can't discern
The truth of the saying that tables may turn.

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