The Fox and the Ape

The death of the lion, together did bring
All the beasts of the forest to choose a new king.
The ape played so many astonishing tricks,
It took not long the choice on him to fix.
As soon as it was known what all of them said,
A golden crown was placed on the old ape's head.
Now, everyone knows, coming down to stern facts,
That to rise above one's station has its drawbacks.
An envious old fox that wanted the place,
Accosted the ape, and with a smiling face
Said: "May it please your majesty, I have found
A most valuable treasure on your ground,
And if to accompany me you will but deign,
I'll show you the treasure which you will thus gain."
The ape followed the fox the treasure to get,
And was caught in a trap which the fox had set.
Though the path of ambition roses adorn,
Be careful, or you may get only the thorn.

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