The Cat and the Fox

020. THE CAT AND THE FOX. As the cat and the fox were talking politics together, on a time, in the middle of a forest, Reynard said, let things turn out ever so bad, he did not care, for he had a thousand tricks for them yet, before they should hurt him.
“But pray,” says he, “Mrs. Puss, suppose there should be an invasion, what course do you design to take?”
“Nay,” says the cat, “I have but one shift for it, and if that won’t do, I am undone.”
“I am sorry for you,” replies Reynard, “with all my heart, and would gladly furnish you with one or two of mine; but indeed, neighbour, as times go, it is not good to trust; we must even be every one for himself, as the saying is, and so your humble servant.”
These words were scarce out of his mouth, when they were alarmed with a pack of hounds that came upon them in full cry. The cat, by the help of her single shift, ran up a tree, and sat securely among the top branches; from whence she beheld Reynard, who had not been able to get out of sight, overtaken with his thousand tricks, and torn into as many pieces by the dogs which had surrounded him. [more info]

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