The Blind Man and the Lame

1.34. THE BLIND MAN AND THE LAME. The wants and weaknesses of individuals form the connections of society.
A Blind man, being stopped in a bad piece of road, meets with a Lame man, and entreats him to guide him through the difficulty he was got into. "How can I do that," replied the Lame man, "since I am scarce able to drag myself along? But as you appear to be very strong, if you will carry me, we will seek our fortunes together. It will then be my interest to warn you of anything that may obstruct your way; your feet shall be my feet, and my eyes yours."
"With all my heart," returned the Blind Man; "let us render each other our mutual services." So taking his lame companion on his back, they by means of their union travelled on with safety and pleasure. [more info]

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