The Bear and the Two Travelers

Two friends, when walking in a wood,
Met with a Bear. One, who was good
At climbing, quickly climbed a tree;
The other, not so spry as he,
Dropped on the ground, and when the Bear
Came up and sniffed his face and hair
With curious snout, he held his breath
And saved his life by feigning death;
For Bruin will not touch, 'tis said,
A body that he thinks is dead.
Soon as the Bear was gone, the man
Who climbed the tree came down and ran
To join his comrade. "Well," said he,
"What did the Bear say? From my tree
I saw him whispering in your ear."
"He told me, since you wish to hear,"
Replied the other, "to steer clear
Of friends who flee when danger's near;
He will not have to tell me twice.
I'm going to take that Bear's advice." [more info]

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