A Shepherd and a Young Wolf

2.21. A SHEPHERD AND A YOUNG WOLF. A Shepherd took a Wolf's sucking Whelp and trained it up with his Dogs. The Whelp fed with them, grew up with them, and whensoever they went out upon the chase of a Wolf, the Whelp would be sure to make one. It fell out sometimes that the Wolf escaped; but this domestic Wolf would be still hunting on, after the dogs had given over the chase, till he came up to his true brethren, where he took part of the prey with them, and then went back again to his master. And when he could come in for no snacks with the Wolves, he would now and then make free, by the by, with a straggling Sheep out of the flock. He carried on this trade for a while; but at last he was caught in the fact, and hanged by his injured master.
MORAL. Men naturally false and treacherous are no more to be reclaimed than Wolves. [more info]

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