A Horse and an Ass

2.07. A HORSE AND AN ASS. A proud pampered Horse, bedecked with gaudy trappings, met in his course a poor creeping Ass, under a heavy burden, that had chopt into the same track with him. "Why, how now, sirrah," says he, "do you not see by these arms and trappings to what master I belong? and do you not understand, that when I have that master of mine upon my back, the whole weight of the state rests upon my shoulders? Out of the way, thou slavish insolent animal, or I'll tread thee to dirt."
The wretched Ass immediately slunk aside, with this envious reflection between his teeth, "What would I give to change conditions with that happy creature there!"
This fancy would not out of the head of him, till it was his hap, a little while after, to see this very Horse doing drudgery in a common dung-cart.
"Why, how now, friend," says the Ass, "how comes this about?"
"Only the chance of war," says the other: "I was a General's horse, you must know; and my master carried me into a battle, where I was hacked and maimed; and you have here before your eyes the catastrophe of my fortune."
Proud of the clothes with which you are equipt,
You of your pride may easily be stript.
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