The Owl and the Birds

23. THE OWL AND THE BIRDS. Here goes a Story of an Owl that was advised by the Little Birds to Build rather among the Boughs and Leaves as They did, than in Walls and Hollow Trees; and so they shew'd her a young Tender Plant for her Purpose. No, No, says the Owl, these Twigs in time will come to be Lim'd and then you're all Lost if you do but touch 'em. The Birds gave little Heed to't and so went on Playing and Chirping among the Leaves still, and passing their Time there in Flocks as formerly; till in conclusion the Sprigs were all daub'd with Lime, and the poor Wretches clamm'd and taken. Their Repentance came now too late; but in Memory of this Notable Instance of the Owl's Foresight, the Birds never see an Owl to this very Day, but they Flock about her and Follow her, as if it were for a New Lesson. But our Modern Owls have only the Eyes, the Beak, and the Plume of the Owls of Athens, without the Wisdom.
Good Counsel is lost upon those that have not the Grace to hearken to't; or do not Understand it, or will not Embrace and Follow it in the proper Season. [more info]

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