The Eagle and the Fox

18. THE EAGLE AND THE FOX. An Eagle and a Fox entered into a covenant of mutual affection and resolved to live near one another, looking upon close intercourse as a way of strengthening friendship. Accordingly, the former flew to the top of a high tree and built her nest, while the latter went into a bush at the foot and placed her litter there. One day, however, when the Fox was away foraging, the Eagle, being hard pressed for food, swooped down into the bush, snatched up the cubs, and helped her own fledglings to devour them. When the Fox came back and saw what had happened, she was not so much vexed at the death of her young ones as at the impossibility of requital. For the Eagle having wings and she none, pursuit was impossible. So she stood some distance away and did all that is left for the weak and impotent to do — poured curses on her foe.
But the Eagle was not to put off for long the punishment due to her violation of the sacred tie of friendship. It happened that some country people were sacrificing a goat, and the Eagle flew down and carried away from the altar some of the burning flesh. But when she had got it to her eyrie, a strong wind got up and kindled into flame the thin, dry twigs of the nest, so that the eaglets, being too young to be able to fly, were roasted and fell to the ground. Then the Fox ran up and before the Eagle's eyes devoured them every one. [more info]

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