The Eagle and the Beetle

21. THE EAGLE AND THE BEETLE. A Hare that was hard put to't by an Eagle took Sanctuary in a Ditch with a Beetle The Beetle Interceded for the Hare: The Eagle Flapt off the former and Devoured the Other. The Beetle took this for an Affront to Hospitality, as well as to her Self, and so Meditated a Revenge, watch'd the Eagle up to her Nest, follow'd her and took her Time when the Eagle was Abroad, and so made a shift to Roll out the Eggs and Destroy the Brood.
The Eagle upon this Disappointment, Timber'd a great deal higher next Bout; The Beetle watch'd her still, and shew'd her the same Trick once again.
Whereupon the Eagle made her Appeal to Jupiter, who gave her leave to lay her next Course of Eggs in his own Lap. But the Beetle found out a way to make Jupiter rise from his Throne; so that upon the Loosning of his Mantle, the Eggs fell from him at unawares, and the Eagle was a Third time Defeated. Jupiter stomach'd the Indignity, but upon Hearing the Cause, he found the Eagle to be the Aggressor, and so Acquitted the Beetle'Tis not for a Generous Prince to Countenance Oppression and Injustice, even in his most Darling Favourites. [more info]

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