The Eagle and the Jackdaw

142. THE EAGLE AND THE JACKDAW. An Eagle made a swoop from a high rock, and carried off a lamb. A Jackdaw, who saw the exploit, thinking that he could do the like, bore down with all the force he could muster upon a ram, intending to bear him off as a prize. But his claws becoming entangled in the wool, he made such a fluttering in his efforts to escape, that the shepherd, seeing through the whole matter, came up and caught him, and having clipped his wings, carried him home to his children at nightfall.
“What bird is this, father, that you have brought us?” exclaimed the children.
“Why,” said he, “if you ask himself, he will tell you that he is an Eagle; but if you will take my word for it, I know him to be but a Jackdaw.” [more info]

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